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Reelcraft Accessories

Reelcraft Hose Reel Parts and Accessories include all of the pieces you will need to mount, fix, or augment your...



  • Gas Inlet Hoses

    Twin Oxygen and Acetylene gas inlet hoses are made of the best materials for long term use. They supply the feed tank-to-hose reel. Standard fitting sizes.

  • Hose Bumper Stops

    Hose Bumpers allow the desired length of hose to be stored outside the hose reel. Hose bumpers are included on reels purchased with hose included. Made of solid molded rubber assuring a long life and non-slip grip.

  • Misc. Reel Parts

    Miscellaneous Reelcraft reel parts and accessories.

  • Motors & Switches

    Hose Reel Motors are available in Air, 12 VDC or 110 VAC to power your motor-ready Reelcraft reel or as a replacement. Switches are available.

  • Mounting Brackets

    Mounting brackets for Reelcraft hose reels.

  • Replacement Hoses

    Reelcraft Replacement Hose Assemblies are designed, built, and tested to work properly with your Reelcraft reel. Don't accept substitutes, especially those cheap imported hoses. Reelcraft replacement hoses work properly and will last a long time.

  • Roller Guides

    Hose Roller Guides will keep your hose reel in order by winding or unwinding the hose with ease.

  • Supply Line Hoses

    Supply line hoses are used to connect a hose reel to a supply line.

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