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Strong Hold's extremely heavy duty storage cabinets, workstations, desks, tables, and carts are for the most...



  • Clearview Cabinets

    Strong Hold Clearview Storage Cabinets have polycarbonate windows for viewing items stored inside. The window panels attach to the door using black oxide carriage bolts. The shelves are adjustable and additional shelves are available at extra cost.

  • Computer Cabinets

    Strong Hold High-Security Computer Cabinets. Protect your computer from your work environment and then lock up your computer securely at the end of the day to keep it safe and secure.

  • Custom Cabinets

    These cabinets started out as custom designs but 'graduated" to standard product status due to their great capabilities and customer demand. Strong Hold will Custom Build a storage cabinet to your exacting needs.

  • Flammable Storage

    Strong Hold’s Flammable Safety Storage Cabinets for safe and secure storage of volatile and hazardous liquids.

  • Janitorial & Wardrobe

    Strong Holds Janitorial and Wardrobe Cabinets have hanger sections and shelf sections. Store tools, long-handled equipment or personal supplies. > 12-Gauge construction > 3-point Locking System > 6" Welded on Legs

  • Job Site Boxes

    Strong Hold Job Site Boxes are great for securing tools and supplies. A 3-point locking system with padlock make it virtually impossible to fore or cut open with simple tools. It has concealed hinges for added security.

  • Metal Bin Cabinets

    Strong Hold Metal Bin Storage Cabinets organize, store and secure small parts in a solid 12 gauge cabinet design. Each opening will hold lots of very heavy items.

  • Personal Lockers

    Strong Hold Personal Lockers are available with many different options. Store hanging items, shelved items, or even drawer items. > 12-gauge all welded construction > 6" welded on legs

  • Plastic Bin Cabinets

    Strong Hold Plastic Bin Storage Cabinets organize, store and secure small parts in a solid 12 gauge cabinet design.

  • Service Carts

    Strong Hold Service Carts for easy movement of very heavy machine parts, tools, or supplies. Transport sheet metal, motors, transmissions, etc. with these carts.

  • Shelving Units

    Strong Holds Closed Shelving Unit for storing heavy items.

  • Shop Desks

    Strong Hold Shop Desks for assembly areas, maintenance departments, warehouses, and on shipping and receiving docks.

  • Shop Tables-Benches

    Strong Hold Shop Tables and Benches meet virtually every requirement for heavy manufacturing assembly and maintenance type operations. The tops are made from 7-gauge (3/16") steel and the legs from 2" x 2" x 1/4" angle iron.

  • Specialty Cabinets

    Strong Hold Specialty Storage Cabinets for outdoor use, tool crib, print storage, and corner cabinets,

  • Stainless Cabinets

    Stainless Steel Cabinets are corrosion-resistant, acid-resistant, will not rust and will take the everyday abuse in an industrial environment.

  • Tool Carts

    Strong Hold’s roll-around tool carts and mobile workstations keep valuables safe. Their rugged design makes these cabinets the ideal maintenance workstations on wheels.

  • Ventilated Cabinets

    Strong Hold Ventilated Cabinets are ideal for industry, health clubs, factories or any facility where security and fresh air ventilation is required.

  • Workstation Cabinets

    Strong Hold Workstations in Stationary or Mobile models with rugged 12-Gauge construction.

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